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Where Life Takes You

by Claudia Y. Burgoa 

Publication date: July 31st 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult

Becca Trent lived her childhood next to a cruel woman—her mom—who lived to torment and neglect her. During her high school years, her mother married; bringing home not only a new husband, but a step sister her same age. The latter took over her Mom’s role—making Becca’s life miserable. Including stealing Ian—Becca’s best friend and boyfriend—Lisa treated her worse than her mother had for the previous fifteen years. A couple of years later, things ended up in tragedy.

Becca buried that part of her life in the deep corners of her psyche, but that only work during the days when the nightmares didn’t come back to haunt her. Her best friend, Dan gives her that family love she always lacked. Everything was close to perfect, until everything and everyone from her past came back. Now, she’s trying to figure out how to survive and keep that bond which seems now to be held together by a thread.

Note: This is the first part of a two book novel.

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Top Tens List

Ten Fictional crushes
1. Roarke ~ In Death Series
2. Cash Davenport ~ The Bad Boys Series
3. Jackson Savor ~ Men Who walk the Edge of Honor 
4. Braden Carmichael ~ On Dublin Street
5. Landon Lucas Maxfield ~ Easy
6. Cal Langdon ~ Every Boy’s Got one
7. Matt Watkins ~ Flat Out Love
8. Parker Whalen ~ Katie Klein
9. Zach Sullivan ~ If You Were Mine
10.Max Harrison ~ So This is Love

Favorite Books Made to Movies
1. Interview with The Vampire
2. A walk To Remember 
3. The Sister Hood of the Traveling Pants
4. The Notebook
5. White Oleander
6. The Bourne Identity
7. P. S. I love You
8. The Day After Tomorrow
9. The Lovely Bones
10.The Time Traveler Wife

About the author

Claudia lives in Colorado with her family and three dogs. Two beagles who believe they are human, and a bichon who thinks she’s a beagle. While managing life, she works as a CFO at a small IT Company. She’s a dreamer who enjoys music, laughter and a good story.


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  1. Thanks for the Top Ten Lists and awesome giveaway! :)

  2. Oh great lists! I loved The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - books and movie! The movie was great though I love the cast they chose! And The Notebook is one instance where I actually thought the movie was much better than the book. So rare!

  3. All done. Thank you for this cool giveaway :)

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    EMAIL: tink19@walla.co.il
    GFC: נעמה שלום
    Twitter: @naamasha

  4. The cover looks so desolate - comparable to how Becca must feel. :(

  5. Generous.So generous! Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

  6. No matter what we try to bury it will always come back to haunt us! Great premise! Good luck with the book!

  7. Nice giveaway. Would love to know what happens to Becca next.

  8. Great giveaway and I love the cover of the book!

  9. This book seems like a very emotional intense read. Would like to read it.

  10. Loved the song on the video and the list of movies made from books. Seen most of them and loooove P.S. I love you

  11. This sounds like one of those books that I would read in a whole night

  12. The book sounds great! On another note, "The Notebook" was one of the best books made to a movie, in my opinion.


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