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We all know there are a lot of indie and self-published authors out there who work so hard on their books and then bring them to the publishing stage only to find that their beloved novel is full of errors.  Unfortunately, these errors are pointed out by readers after the novel has already been published, by means of negative reviews and ratings. I would like to offer my services in the form of...


... for when your manuscript is in its final stages before release.  Though it does not require a finalized manuscript, it is helpful.  I will NOT be able to accept first or second drafts.  I will read your manuscript and return feedback about the plot, characters, pacing, specific events, etc. (see my recent reviews to get an idea of my writing), and how I received the book as a reader. This does not include any editing or proofreading. What the beta reading includes is strictly reading and feedback. Read this post, if you need further details before you can make up your mind.

Are there any specific questions or elements you would like me specifically focus on? Or would you rather hear my natural reactions? Just let me know.

Graphics & Artwork

... when you want me to design a cover for your brilliant masterpiece!  Or a banner, icons, logo. Basically, artwork for your book or website. I generally use a mix of my original photography, hand sketches and editing with illustrator/Photoshop for my designs. I'll be uploading a separate Graphic Design Portfolio soon, but till then, here's my latest Undergrad Architecture Portfolio. This includes a selection of my graphics artwork as well and will give you an idea about my style of designing.

Book Spotlight

I also offer book spotlight or promo service to authors who wish to simply share about their book (i.e., basic spotlight, giveaway, cover reveal, new release, price drop,  free day, etc.).

A basic spotlight post will include

Information about your book with purchase links, book cover, info about the author, any excerpt, teaser or trailer you have. I also cross promote the posts across all my social media channels for full exposure.


Beta reading
$0.002 per word (with a $10 minimum). 

For example, a 20,000 word novella would be $40.  A 5,000 word short story would be $10.  A 2,000 word short story would be $10 because it falls below the minimum. I use PayPal and will send you an invoice for half the payment before I begin work. Prior to delivery of the final critique, I will send an invoice for the balance.

Each read through is comprehensive and complete.  Rates are on a per draft basis.  This means if the author reworks the same story and wants an opinion on the new draft, another fee will be charged.


Graphics & Artwork
Ask for a quote.

Since every book is unique, the designs and artwork can't be the same generic copies, can they? They have to be original and unique as well! Hence, the approach to the design will differ in each case.

Just send me an e-mail at, mentioning the basic details about your book. Let me know if you already have concept in mind or if you need me to think of something all by myself. Lets discuss about the project in detail if you're interested, and I'll quote a price accordingly.



Just $21 for the basic spotlight post.

I can also include (plus run, manage and promote) a giveaway in the spotlight post and/or an author interview and/or a guest post for an additional $9 fee per extra feature. 

* If you want to include a giveaway, I will manage the giveaway and provide the name and contact information of the winner. The author will be responsible for the distribution of the prize. All prices mentioned are in USD (US Dollars).


I use PayPal and will send you an invoice for half the payment before I begin work. Prior to delivery of the final document/design, I will send an invoice for the balance. In case of a spotlight/feature, the post will be up (or scheduled for a specific date if requested) as soon as the payment is received.

If you are an indie/self-publishing author and desperately need proofreading, beta reading, feature/spotlight or a cover designed for your book but cannot afford my rates, please email me and we'll work something out. This is something I love to do, and I am willing to be very flexible in certain situations, since many of my favorite authors are self-published and I just love you guys!

So just shoot me an email at: